Build products that solve problems!
Iᅠempower product leaders and teams to build better digital products.

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My Mission

Empower problem solvers

Iᅠempower product teams to build better digital products that solve real problems in order to have a positive impact on our world.

How i Work
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Industry and stage agnostic

✅ Selected companies I've added value to

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How i work

💻 Ways to work with me

Individual Coaching

Private and confidential sessions with product managers. After a skill assessment, we co-create a structured coaching plan that empowers the PM to become the PM she wants to be.

Leadership Coaching

I work with product leadership (e.g. CPO, VP Product, head of product) to identify the organisation's needs and implement them into a coherent product organisation.

Interim Product Leadership

I work with organisations in an interim CPO/VP Product leadership role. This applies in cases of fast growth, transition periods or temporary unavailability (e.g. sabbatical, parental leave) of the existing product leadership.


🗣️ What others say

"I highly recommend him as a product coach for teams and individuals who want to get better at modern product management."

Jorit Schmelze - Founder & CPO

"Benjamin was a huge asset in supporting Urban Sports Club during the scaling up of our tech staff from 12 to over 65 in less than a year."

Alex Allan, Head of Product Urban Sports Club

With his unique experience in product management, Benjamin brings a rare combination of developing a strategic perspective, obtaining sufficiently deep technological understanding and executing under time pressure.

Péter Adorján, CPO Data4Life

"[Benjamin] is a very empathetic, listening and humble person, what in combination with his extraordinary level of professionalism, strong hand-on skills, and great communication skills it makes it easy to recommend Benjamin to any company that is looking for a product expert."

Iaroslav Semenov, Director of Engineering Fernarzt (a HealthHero subsidy)